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We ask your support to donate to the Hungarian Catholic Central Seminary in Budapest. The Hungarian Catholic Mission remains committed in supporting the education and ordination of priests in Hungary and abroad.

Unfortunately, the Hungarian Catholic Church has severely suffered under the hands of the former Russian and Hungarian communist governments. Between the periods 1945 to 1989, seminaries throughout Hungary were severely restricted. In addition, many of its priests were either imprisoned or had to go underground. It was not until 1989 when the Russian troops departed that dignity of life improved for Hungarians and the Hungarian Catholic Church.

Since 1989, Hungary has slowly moved from a communist to a democratic government. During these last 22 years, freedom of religion has been restored to the Hungarian people and the education and ordination of priests have significantly improved. Although the ordination of young Hungarian priests continues, there still remains a critical shortage of priests throughout Hungary.

Our goal through our Ministry Foundation is to provide funding to maintain our Hungarian seminaries and to develop an internship program for young Hungarian priests living in Romania and Hungary to accept an internship with sister Hungarian Catholic Churches throughout the United States. By developing these sister communities, we will be able to keep alive our Hungarian Catholic faith, culture and charity in both Hungary and the United States.

Our annual fund raising goal is $50,000. With your help, we can make a difference.

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